Accompanying Measures

Objectives and Decription of the Action

Projects may be developed under the ‘Accompanying Measures’ action to promote the objectives and results of Leonardo da Vinci projects.
Projects may therefore cover communication activities, thematic monitoring of projects and dissemination and exploitation of project results, for example:

  • Information and communication activities to promote and improve the visibility of activities and results within each programme;
  • Thematic” monitoring of ongoing projects working on a similar theme, including organisation of exchange of experience meetings, publication of updated project compendia and more systematic assessment of project results in support of more effective dissemination and exploitation of the best results;
  • Collection and provision of information on project results, including via the development of common databases;
  • Support for dissemination and exploitation conferences and events bringing together projects and potential users within the sector concerned, with a particular emphasis on promoting the transfer and take-up of project results by new users and mainstreaming into education and training systems and practices.

Who can benefit

All those in vocational education and training, other than at tertiary level, as well as the institutions and organisations facilitating such education and training, such as:

  • Institutions or organisations providing learning opportunities in the fields covered by the Leonardo da Vinci sectoral programme;
  • Associations and representatives of those involved in vocational education and training, including trainees’, parents’ and teachers’ associations;
  • Enterprises, social partners and other representatives of working life, including chambers of commerce, other trade organisations and sectoral organisations;
  • Bodies providing guidance, counselling and information services relating to any aspect of lifelong learning;
  • Bodies responsible for systems and policies concerning any aspect of lifelong learning vocational education and training at local, regional and national level;
  • Research centres and bodies concerned with lifelong learning issues;
  • Higher education institutions;
  • Non-profit organisations, voluntary bodies, NGOs.

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