Grundtvig Assistantships enable present or future staff involved in adult education to spend a period of a minimum duration of over 12 weeks and a maxmimum duration of 45 weeks as a Grundtvig Assistant at an adult education organisation in another European country participating in the LLP.


  • It gives participants the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the European dimension to adult learning;
  • To enhance their knowledge of foreign languages, other European countries and their education systems; and
  • To improve their professional and intercultural competences.

Who can benefit?

  • Teachers and other staff working in adult education;
  • In-Service trainers of such staff;
  • Former teachers re-entering adult education in a professional capacity after a period away;
  • Graduates with a qualification in adult education/ andragogy and advanced level students studying towards such a qualification.

Please refer to the current call for proposals and related deadlines by clicking here.