Individual Pupil Mobility

The European Union Programmes Agency, on behalf of the European Commission, shall be introducing a new Comenius action for Malta entitled Individual Pupil Mobility. The new action is scheduled to start in Malta in 2012.

What is Comenius Individual Pupil Mobility?

This particular action gives the chance to secondary pupils to spend

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Training Database

The following are a list of criteria that individuals must satisfy in order for their applications to be considered for assessment:

Post a hardcopy of the application form (with original signature and stamp of the legally-authorised person of the organisation) and two copies of the original application (all in spiral-binding format)

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Preparatory Visits

What are Preparatory Visits? Preparatory visits provide an opportunity for education and training institutions to cooperate with their European couterparts in view of submitting future applications under the Comenius sectoral programme: Comenius Multilateral School Partnerships; Comenius Bilateral School Partnerships; and Comenius Regio Partnerships.

There are essentially 2 different types of grants by which one may:


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Comenius Assistantships

Comenius Assistant (Sending)

Assistantships under the Comenius sectoral programme provides post-graduate teachers the possibility to work as an assistant in a host school in one of the 27 member states and the four participating countries namely Turkey, Lichtenstein, Norway and Iceland. Comenius Assistantships offer these individuals an opportunity to view an

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In-Service Training Courses

Grants are available to enable teachers or other categories of staff working in the school education sector to participate in in-service training activities lasting between one and six weeks in a country other than the country in which they normally work.

The training may take the form of a training course,

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Comenius Regio Partnerships

The aim of the Comenius Regio Partnerships is to enhance the European dimension of education by promoting joint co-operation activities between local and regional authorities with a role in school education in Europe.

The partnerships give educational authorities, in cooperation with schools and other actors in education, in different regions, the

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School Partnerships

Multilateral School Partnerships

Multilateral Comenius School partnerships aim at enhancing the European dimension of education by promoting joint co-operation activities between schools in Europe. The projects give pupils and teachers in different countries an opportunity to work together on one or more topics of mutual interest. School partnerships help pupils and

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European Cooperation on School Education

“To involve at least three million pupils in joint educational activities, over the period of the programme”

COMENIUS focuses on the first phase of education, from pre-school and primary to secondary school, and it is aimed towards all members of the education community in the broad sense – pupils, teachers and

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