Training Database

The following are a list of criteria that individuals must satisfy in order for their applications to be considered for assessment:


Post a hardcopy of the application form (with original signature and stamp of the legally-authorised person of the organisation) and two copies of the original application (all in spiral-binding format)

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Preparatory Visits

What are Preparatory Visits?

Preparatory visits provide an opportunity for education and training institutions to cooperate with their European couterparts in view of submitting future applications under the Grundtvig sectoral programme: Grundtvig Learning Partnerships; and Grundtvig Senior Volunteering Projects. There are essentially 2 different types of grants by which one may: (a) Visit an eligible

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Workshops bring together individual or small groups of learners from several countries, for an innovative multi-national learning experience relevant for their personal development and learning needs. Each workshop will have a minimum of 10 learners and usually up to 20 learners. No more than 1/3 of the participants should originate

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Grundtvig Assistantships enable present or future staff involved in adult education to spend a period of a minimum duration of over 12 weeks and a maxmimum duration of 45 weeks as a Grundtvig Assistant at an adult education organisation in another European country participating in the LLP.

Aims: It gives participants the

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Visits and Exchanges

Grundtvig visits and exchanges enables present or future staff working in the field of adult education to undertake a work-related visit to another European country. Participants are encouraged to gain a broader understanding of adult learning in Europe. It also helps to improve the practical teaching/coaching/counselling/management skills and/or support the

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In-Service Training

In-Service Training courses under the Grundtvig sectoral programmes provide an opportunity to participants to improve practical teaching/coaching/counselling skills and to gain a broader understanding of lifelong learning in Europe. It also enables persons working in the field of adult learning to undertake a training course in a country other than

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Senior Volunteering Projects

The project “GIVE” (Grundtvig Initiative on Volunteering in Europe for Seniors), consists of a scheme of annual grants to support Senior Volunteering Projects between local organisations located in 2 countries participating in the LLP. It is based on a bilateral partnership, therefore involving 2 organisations, 1 from each of the

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Learning Partnerships

The Grundtvig Learning Partnership is a framework for practical co-operation activities between organisations working in the field of adult learning in the broadest sense – formal, non-formal or informal. Compared with the generally larger-scale Grundtvig multilateral co-operation projects, which are more ‘product’ – or outcome-oriented, the partnerships focus more on

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European Cooperation in Adult Education

“To support the mobility of 7,000 individuals involved in adult education per year, by 2013”

The aims of the Grundtvig sectoral programme are:

 To promote European co-operation in lifelong learning;  To improve the training of adult educators;  To encourage the development of innovative materials and resources;  To stimulate the debate of lifelong learning and encourage

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