Comenius Regio Partnerships

The aim of the Comenius Regio Partnerships is to enhance the European dimension of education by promoting joint co-operation activities between local and regional authorities with a role in school education in Europe.

The partnerships give educational authorities, in cooperation with schools and other actors in education, in different regions, the opportunity to work together on one or more topics of mutual interest.

Comenius Regio Partnerships help the participating regions to develop and exchange best practise, to develop tools for sustainable cooperation across borders, to strengthen the European dimension in school education and to offer European learning experiences to teachers and pupils and those responsible for administering school systems.

In this partnership two regions can apply comprising a local or regional authority, a school, and another relevant partner, such as a sports club students association.

Comenius Regio Partnerships can work on any topic of relevance and interest to the two partner regions involved. Topics could, for instance, be school management issues, teacher training, sustainable European and international cooperation in school education, better integration of pupils with migration backgrounds, entrepreneurship education, reducing early school leaving, etc.

Both partner regions must contribute to project work and make use of the results. Comenius Regio Partnership will be funded for two years.
The grant supports the costs of travel and subsistence and other project-related activities. Staff costs cannot be supported by the grant.
Applications can be submitted only by regional or local authorities that play a role in school education. Each authority must involve in the project at least one school and one other organisation from their region involved in the provision of learning.
Applications have to be sent to the National Agencies in both partner countries. Please contact your National Agency for further details concerning the application and selection procedure.
The local or regional authority has the main responsibility for successful implementation of the project in its region. It signs the grant agreement, manages the project finances and coordinates the project activities in its region. It also ensures the dissemination, use and sustainability of project results.
Please refer to the current call for proposals and related deadlines by clicking here.