Erasmus Intensive Language Course (EILC)

The Erasmus Intensive Language Courses (EILC) are specialised courses in the less widely used and less taught languages organised in the countries where these languages are used as teaching languages at HEIs. The languages English, German, French and Spanish (Castilian) are not eligible for EILC. The EILC gives Erasmus students (studies and placements) the opportunity to study the language of the host country for up to 6 weeks in the host country. Courses take place during summer/autumn and winter/spring.

For Maltese Institutions who wish to submit an application to organise an EILC in 2013/2014 kindly use this Application Form. The 2013/2014 EILC Calendar can be found here.

Selected institutions need to fill in and submit the Organising Institutions Form and send it to the European Union Programmes Agency.

Students interested to participate in an EILC can search for Organising institutions of the various EU countries at the following website. Just select the country to take to the NA website for further information.

For Erasmus Students or Comenius Assistants who wish to apply for an EILC course the respective application forms are available:

HEIs must send their students’ applications (using the correct forms) by email to organising institutions and we would suggest that forms are sent to both 1st and 2nd choice institutions.

EILCs 2013/2014

Please note that further information on the 2013 EILCs to be held in Malta will be found by clicking here.

For further information one can click on the following or contact us for further details: