Euroguidance Newsletter

The aim of the newsletter is to inform guidance professionals of the activities of our network and to give an overview of current topics in the field of guidance and mobility in Europe.

Dear career guidance practitioners,

The 4th Euroguidance Newsletter (click to view) has now been published.

Topics of the newsletter:

  • Interview with Professor Tony Watts
  • Towards an integrated lifelong guidance system in Spain
  • Finnish and Estonian counsellors: Learning from each other about mobility
  • Mobility for whom and why?
  • Working as an EVS volunteer in Germany
  • e-Counselling in Slovenia
  • Guidance and counselling – a catalyst for social inclusion in Malta
  • Young people in VET want to be more mobile
  • Widening access to guidance services
  • Upcoming conferences on guidance and mobility

We would highly appreciate your reactions to these articles and any ideas you might have on relevant issues for the next newsletter (due in October 2010).

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