European Cooperation on School Education

“To involve at least three million pupils in joint educational activities, over the period of the programme”

COMENIUS focuses on the first phase of education, from pre-school and primary to secondary school, and it is aimed towards all members of the education community in the broad sense – pupils, teachers and other education staff .

COMENIUS supports school partnerships, projects for the training of school education staff, and school education networks. It thus aims to enhance the quality of teaching, strengthen its European dimension and promote language learning and mobility.

COMENIUS also emphasises certain important issues: learning in a multi-cultural framework, which is the cornerstone of European citizenship, support for disadvantaged groups, countering under-achievement at school and preventing exclusion.

The Comenius Sectoral Programme is subdivided into In Service Training Courses, Preparatory Visits, Comenius Regio, Partnerships & Assistantships.
Should you need further information about the Comenius Sectoral Programme you may also visit the European Commission Website by clicking here.