European Cooperation in Adult Education

“To support the mobility of 7,000 individuals involved in adult education per year, by 2013”

The aims of the Grundtvig sectoral programme are:

  •  To promote European co-operation in lifelong learning;
  •  To improve the training of adult educators;
  •  To encourage the development of innovative materials and resources;
  •  To stimulate the debate of lifelong learning and encourage the sharing of good practice.

The Grundtvig sectoral programme is open to every organisation, working in the field of Adult learning and development, including providing learning opportunities in:

  •  Formal;
  •  Non-Formal; and
  •  In-Formal Adult Education.

Under the Grundtvig sectoral programme applicants must be over the age of 25 to benefit from funding, or a young person below that age who is no longer undergoing initial education within the formal school or higher educational system. Grundtvig can fund a range of activities related to basic skills, active citizenship, foreign languages, arts and culture, parental education, prison education and much more. Grundtvig has also the objective to assist people from vulnerable social groups and in marginal social contexts

The Grundtvig sectoral programme is subdivided into two types of activities supported by the European Commission: Learning Partnerships and Individual Staff Mobility (In-Service Training Courses, Visits and Exchanges, Assistantships, Workshops).


It is IMPORTANT that one should refer to the following Documents (click).
LLP National Administrative Priorities
LLP National Strategic Priorities
LLP Applications Technical Instructions
LLP Financial Provisions
LLP Applicants Guide – eForms

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