In-Service Training

In-Service Training courses under the Grundtvig sectoral programmes provide an opportunity to participants to improve practical teaching/coaching/counselling skills and to gain a broader understanding of lifelong learning in Europe. It also enables persons working in the field of adult learning to undertake a training course in a country other than that in which they normally live or work in. The course concerned must have a strong European focus in terms of the profile of trainers and participants.

The duration of the course must be of one week up to a maximum of 6 weeks.

Who can benefit?

– Teachers and other staff working in adult education
– In-service trainers of such staff
– Former teachers re-entering adult education in a professional capacity after a period away
Graduates with a qualification in adult education/andragogy and advanced level students studying towards such a qualification
If you wish to search for an In-Service Training Course the following TRAINING DATABASE could assist you to find a course that suits your needs.

Please refer to the current call for proposals and related deadlines by clicking here.

Note to Course Providers:

Please refer to this link for regulations and guidelines related to organising training courses to be held in Malta for Grundtvig In-Service Training applicants across the EU.