Intensive Programmes (IP)

An Intensive Programme (IP) is a short programme of study which brings together students and staff from universities in different participating countries in order to:

  • encourage efficient and multinational teaching of specialist topics which might otherwise not be taught at all, or only in a very restricted number of universities;
  • enable students and teachers to work together in multinational groups and so benefit from special learning and teaching conditions not available in a single institution, and to gain new perspectives on the topic being studied;
  • allow members of the teaching staff to exchange views on teaching content and new curricula approaches and to test teaching methods in an international classroom environment.

An IP can be a one-off activity or repeated over a number of years, provided that the contents are revised for each year. Grants for IPs are annual and therefore, an application has to be presented annually. Funding can be obtained for maximum three years.

An IP application must be submitted with three partners from three different participating countries. IPs require transnational academic co-ordination by one of the participating institutions. Only the coordinating institution of a partnership should submit a proposal for the IP.

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