Mobility VETPRO

Objectives and Description of the Action

The action Mobility for Professionals in Vocational Education and Training (VETPRO) of the Leonardo da Vinci sectoral programme aims at the support of transnational mobility of persons responsible for vocational training and/or human resources.
The general objectives of this mobility action within Leonardo da Vinci sectoral programme are:
To support participants in training and further training activities in the acquisition and the use of knowledge, skills and qualifications to facilitate personal development in a professional context
To support improvements in quality and innovation in vocational education and training systems, institutions and practices

A Mobility project for Professionals in Vocational Education and Training focuses on the transfer, improvement and update of competences and/or of innovative methods and practices in the field of vocational training. It can also cover vocational language learning of professionals.

Individual beneficiaries will receive their grants within a mobility project organised by a coordinating organisation. They cannot directly apply for a grant to National Agencies. Within the project, co-operation exists between training institutions and/or enterprises. The partners of this co-operation have to ensure that quality criteria are met such as:

  • Clear description of objectives, content and durations of the period abroad;
  • Clear match between the training needs of the individual beneficiary reflected against his professional background and the content of the traineeship;
  • If necessary, ensure preparation of the individual beneficiary;
  • Validation of the competences acquired by the individual beneficiary and evaluation of the general outcome within the specific vocational training field;
  • Ensure organisational aspects of the mobility; and
  • Ensure dissemination activities.

Who can benefit

Professionals in vocational education and training (such as teachers, trainers, vocational training staff, guidance counsellors, those responsible for training establishments, for training planning, occupational guidance within enterprises, human resource managers in enterprises,…)

Who can apply

Institutions or organisations providing learning opportunities in the fields covered by the Leonardo da Vinci sectoral programme:
Associations and representatives of those involved in vocational education and training, including trainees’, parents’ and teachers’ associations;
Enterprises, social partners and other representatives of working life, including chambers of commerce and other trade organisations;
Bodies providing guidance, counselling and information services relating to any aspect of lifelong learning;
Bodies responsible for systems and policies concerning any aspect of lifelong learning vocational education and training at local, regional and national level;
Research centres and bodies concerned with lifelong learning issues;
Higher education institutions;
Non-profit organisations, voluntary bodies, NGOs.

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