Senior Volunteering Projects

The project “GIVE” (Grundtvig Initiative on Volunteering in Europe for Seniors), consists of a scheme of annual grants to support Senior Volunteering Projects between local organisations located in 2 countries participating in the LLP. It is based on a bilateral partnership, therefore involving 2 organisations, 1 from each of the 2 LLP countries participating in the project. One of these countries must be an EU member state. Each organisation will be expected to send 2-6 volunteers and to host 2-6 volunteers during the grant period, whereas 2 volunteers are regarded as an absolute minimum. The project has a 2 year duration.


To enable senior citizens to volunteer in another European country for any kind of non-profit activity;
To create lasting cooperation between the host and sending organisations around a specific topic or target group;
To enable the local communities involved in the exchange of volunteers to draw on the potential of senior citizens as a source of knowledge, competence and experience.

Who can apply?

Volunteers: All adult citizens aged 50 and above. Particular emphasis will be given to encouraging the participation of volunteers from socially disadvantaged groups and ethnic minorities. Any organisation can apply as long as it is a legal entity and the volunteering activities are non-profit making.

Please refer to the current call for proposals and related deadlines by clicking here.

Please note that the form should be completed well in advance before the deadline so that each participating organisation is able to post its copy of the application form on time.