Teaching and other Staff Mobility

Erasmus is not just for students but also for teachers and other staff working at a HEI. The main activity teachers can participate in is a teaching period (STA) at another participating HEI both holders of an Erasmus University Charter for a minimum of 5 teaching hours (1 day) and a maximum of 6 weeks. But teachers can also participate in the development of study programmes with other European partners or Intensive Programmes and joining or creating a Thematic Network. Moreover staff from enterprises can be invited to the HEI for teaching purposes.

Teaching and other Staff (STT) at the HEI can also participate in the Erasmus programme by undergoing a training period between 1 to 6 weeks in another participating HEI. Once again both sending and receiving institutions must be holders of an EUC unless the training is held in an enterprise where the contract between the three partners is binding.

Both teaching and other staff will receive a grant for travel and for subsistence costs for the whole of the teaching/training period. You have to apply directly with your HEI.

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