Training Database

The following are a list of criteria that individuals must satisfy in order for their applications to be considered for assessment:


Post a hardcopy of the application form (with original signature and stamp of the legally-authorised person of the organisation) and two copies of the original application (all in spiral-binding format) to the National Agency (address below)
Information on the hard copy must match the information in the training database
Training sessions must concentrate on providing participants with practical teaching skills, techniques and methodologies
A structured course must last at least 5 days up to a maximum of 6 weeks
The training description must clearly identify the specific target group/s for the event
The training organiser must have experience of working with multinational groups
The application must be submitted in one of official EU languages. However, if the application form is not submitted in English, a translation in English must be attached
A CV of the trainers (and portfolio if available) must be attached to the application form. A resume’ of the trainers is also accepted. In the case that a CV is Provided it is recommended that the Europass format is used:
It is strongly recommended that course provider applications are submitted 10 months prior to the start of the first activity. HOWEVER, applications and/or re-submittals received less than 6 months prior to the start of the first activity will be automatically considered as ineligible.

It is also highly advisable to read carefully the Instructions before filling in the Training Description Form. If you wish to search or organise a Training Course, the following DATABASE could assist you to find a course that suits your needs.

Note: A committee meeting shall be convened for adjudication purposes:


Only Applications received by the end of January shall be considered
for the February committee
Only Applications received by the end of March shall be considered
for the April committee
Only Applications received by the end of May shall be considered
for the June committee
Only Applications received by the end of July shall be considered
for the August committee
Only Applications received by the end of September shall be considered
For the October committee
Only Applications received by the end of November shall be considered
for the December committee

Assessment of the training database applications shall be based upon the following criteria:

  • Preparation (10 points)
  • Objectives of the course (20 points)
  • Methodology (10 points)
  • Follow-up (10 points)
  • Day by Day Programme of Activities (20 points)

The ratings of the award criteria result in a total number of points out of a maximum of 70 which is equal to 100%. The benchmark grade for a training course to be approved is 60% (42 points)
Note: Only in the event that the committee members spot minor errors (such as typing errors in the Start/End dates of the training courses and/or typing errors in the full description of the training contents) in the training course application, the aforesaid application may be conditionally approved. The training provider will be required to arrange the minor error in the Training Database, inform the National Agency by email of the change and submit one hard copy (in original duly signed, stamped and dated).

Training database applications are to be submitted to the following address:
Training Database (Grundtvig/Comenius)
Lifelong Learning Programme
European Union Programmes Agency (EUPA)
Continental Business Centre
Old Railway Track
Santa Venera SVR 9018

If you have any questions regarding Training Database, please contact the National Agency on 2558 6130 or email: