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The EUPA shall be holding a further series of information meetings in preparation for the Malta LLP Call 2012. UPDATED

Persons interested in attending are to send their contact details (name, surname, name of institution they represent, action interested in) to the following email:

Erasmus (including Mobility, Intensive Language Courses and Intensive Programmes):

Meeting on Wednesday 11 January 2012, 10am to 1pm at EUPA, Valletta.

Gozo: General Information Meeting on Lifelong Learning Programme

Meeting on Thursday 19 January 2012, 11am to 1pm at the Gozo College, Boys Secondary, Europe Street, Victoria.

Comenius / Grundtvig Assistantships:

Meeting on Friday 20 January 2012, 1.30pm to 3pm at EUPA, Valletta (please note change in date).

The European Union Programmes Agency (EUPA) would like to remind prospective applicants that it has published the 2012 call for proposals for the Lifelong Learning Programme. These are available on the agency website at

The first deadlines shall be on 16 January for Comenius and Grundtvig In-Service Training Courses, and Grundtvig Visits and Exchanges. These will be followed by Comenius Assistantships on 31 January, Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation on 2 February, and Leonardo da Vinci Mobility and Erasmus Intensive Language Courses on 3 February. Details for each action, including application forms, guides, National eligibility and award criteria and other details are available on the website.

For further information, one can email

These initiatives are funded with support from the European Commission (Directorate General Education and Culture).

Information on the European Union Programmes Agency can be found at the agency website